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Funny Friday – Letting the TGIF spirit kick in

Funny Friday – For those of you who have decided to start filling up their giggle-o-meter in order to approach the weekend’s starting line in the best possible conditions, may we suggest taking a shortcut via our virtual playground? Indeed, our latest selection of nutcase funnies is now up and kicking, so feel free to give the latter a shot.

Wishing you a fantastic weekend ahead and a jocular PMSLweb moment!

Funny sarcastic idiom – Funny Friday

Funny handicap sticker fail

Son of a beach towel

Funny when someone asks me to hold their baby

WTF fapping Messi humor

Funny advert on bus side – Funny Friday

When you put something in the shopping cart humor

Funny Noah’s ark Titanic animation

Funny American presidents before versus after

Funny Christian rock concert meme

Funny babypod suggestion

The further you’re in the nicer it feels – Funny Friday

Funny when an animal has a side quest for you

Funny what is love comment

There are 2 types of men

Funny penguins walking down stairs gif

Funny Jesus a table for 26 joke

My girl said that if she beat me she’d go through my phone humor

I’m a transformer funny sarcasm – Funny Friday

Funny oatmeal sock story cartoon

Funny free protein shakes t-shirt

Funny tooth bottle opener

Funny Saddam Hussein solution against Isis

Funny Indian carpet warning sign fail

Heigh ho funny crab gif – Funny Friday

Funny be like Uma kill Bill

Sarcastic asking for forgiveness jesus joke

Funny pet shop lizard name

I work on an aircraft funny alien hand joke

When you get tagged in someone else’s picture humor

Funny lesbian dating site member – Funny Friday

Upgrade to Windows 10 humor

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