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Funny Germany – As seen by the rest of the world

Funny Germany – Today we’ve decided to have a go at our German friends, with a selection of funny German pictures, including German memes evidently. Deutschland, with a population over 81 million individuals, remains to this day the most populated state and a major actor in the European Union, so it only seemed fair to us to dedicate one of our posts to the latter. Evidently, the internet being what it is, it should come as no surprise that the following collection of funny pics flirts with topics such as the country’s infamous history, its crushing victor against Brazil during the last FIFA world cup or even its very atypical language…. Anyway, as usual it’s all for the giggles, so lasst uns anfangen!

Wishing you a merry PMSLweb moment!

Funny German Lionel Richie oil – Funny Germany at

Funny Deuschbags status fail at

Funny accents joke at

WTF Germany funny google search at

Funny German bitte at

German nationalism meme – Funny Germany at

Funny German hitler captcha at

Pizza sizes in Germany meme at

Merkel kinder chocolate at

Funny in Germany we don’t say at

Funny mark Twain quote about German at

Zeug word German fact at

Germany is all about beer humor – Funny Germany at

Funny drakula politician sign revamp at

Funny German road trip at

Funny Merkel geography fail at

Germany country of engineering meme at

German snake joke – Funny Germany at

Polandball Germany occupation joke – Funny Germany at

German supermarket babyfood fail at

Brazil versus Germany pornhub meme at

Germans and beer meme at

Meincraft meme at

Funny batman in German at

Hilarious German name – Funny Germany at

Jimmy Fallon about Germany beating brazil humor at

Rihanna about Germany beating Brazil tweet at

Funny German reply to kinder egg ban in USA at

Russians versus Germans car meme at

Gordon Ramsay and Hitler joke at

Funny nazi napkin holder – Funny Germany at

Funny German lyrics translated at

Funny Nahtzee gif at

German scrabble funny cartoon at

Study abroad in Germany humor at

Funny German gute fahrt sign – Funny germany at

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