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Funny Hump day YLYL – A few midweek smiles

Funny Hump day YLYL – We hope that the first part of the week has treated you good so far, that you’ve managed to keep your spirits up and any “common nuisances” at bay. We know that the week is far from being over (obviously this applies to those of you following the regular business week calendar), so we’ve decided to take it easy on you today and treat you to a lighthearted collection of funnies (no doubt that we’ll spike things up a tad during the following days though..) just to help you catch a breath, you know?

Wishing you a cheerful PMSLweb moment!

Funny Hump Day gif – Funny Hump day YLYL

I named my cats Thoughts and Prayers

Science was made for cats humor

Nurses have tough careers funny dank meme

When girls meet a nice guy funny meme

Dr Mittens funny billboard – Funny Hump day YLYL

Confirm your email address humor

Me jumping to conclusions funny meme

You look like you’ve lost weight funny meme

I dropped my mother in law on the floor funny meme

Someone built a wall around Trump’s star of fame humor

Hands up if you didn’t get enough sleep last night – Funny Hump day YLYL

I didn’t choose the mug life humor

Funny Minecraft Hitler joke

Awkward looking pen holder humor

Funny when mom asks what AF means

Funny Christian center name fail

Another way of calling your wife a bitch meme

Funny jack off tomorrow email – Funny Hump day YLYL

What is your cocktail name humor

Funny mom’s response to dating website’s compatibility match

Things I have in common with a raccoon humor

Funny Rihanna versus Pokemon players response

Funny harambe hurricane

When your cat hears you opening food funny meme

When a woman says I’m not mad at you funny meme – Funny Hump day YLYL

Funny head blowing Mary Poppins gif

I look both ways before crossing a one way street funny meme

Relationships first month versus one year after meme

Planning on roaming the neighborhood funny dog cartoon

That’s not how you fill up a bucket of water funny dank meme

Funny Charizard Jurassic park scene – Funny Hump day YLYL

Make Pokemon great again humor

Funny STD check advertising with pokemon

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