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Funny images – Get yourself vaccinated against the Mondayz

Funny images – Worried that you may be subject to a nasty case of the dreadful and virulent Monday flu? Why not treat yourself to a jolly folly shot; we just received a whole shipment, and it would be a shame – not to mention greedy of us- not to share.

Wishing you a diverting PMSLweb moment!

Face punch gif – Funny images at

Long neck funny at

Forever alone green giant at

Play-doh expectations versus reality at

Giant footprint in the snow – Funny images at

Magic lamp and batman wish at

Vegan versus carnivore funny at

Pizza maths humor at

Evacuation procedure – Funny images at

Bin Laden waldo meme at

Funny crocodile warning at

Awkward boner humor at

Bored blonde funny picture at

What you want to look like vs what you actually look like at

Kiss expectations versus reality – Funny images at

Cougar wedding funny at

Opposite brothers humor at

Pet poo trap at

Cleverbot and Osama at

Salad, you hilarious mother*ucker – Funny images at

Koala smoking a joint joke at

Gaviscon slogan fail at

How socks go missing humor at

Scary cat meme at

Time of the month crayola at

Butter challenge meme at

Nintendo DS jewel quest price fail at

Traffic signs – Funny images at

Identifying wood humor at

Your place for a last drink meme at

Things you can only do with boys at

When I was a kid funny reality at

A brother’s vengeance on Facebook at

How to make a baby funny answers by kids at

Canada lost a hockey game – Funny images at

Y U no buy my truck? At

Hoff pole dancing gif at

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