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Funny images – Setting the mood for the new week

Funny images – Oddly enough, time always tends to fly by at the speed of light during the weekend, and before you realize it, Monday is there squarely requesting its weekly heads-up with you. During the latter on the other hand, time just seems to drag along, and the more you’ll check your watch (or phone, if not your computer screen, let’s be honest and realistic), the longer the day will seem; so why not use a few of these never ending minutes to check out our new week selection of funnies. You might as well kill time the fun way after all.

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Buy eyelights humor – Funny images at

Funny Aussie help line at

Build your own powered model aircraft humor at

Malaysian Airlines lost humor at

Start calling Pluto an asteroid funny at

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Vulva crayons – Funny images at

Dirty laundry sexist label at

The long journey of Mister poop at

Advanced stupid meme at

Fake Abbey road cover at

My bowl is empty cat meme – Funny images at

Three little pigs humor at

Cheetos lip balm at

Dog sex toy humor at

We’re putting ribbons on our cars as fast as we can humor at

I wish my lawn was emo – Funny images at

Cancel your credit card before you die at

Funny farting cat meme at

Whitney Houston joke at

Your screen has a dirty spot at

Funny male face animation at

I hate everyone – Funny images at

Share a coke with Whitney meme at

Grandma says eat the cookie meme at

Fake knock and run wii game at

Zombie emergency procedure at

Birthday fail story – Funny images at

Types of cats humor at

Funny sperm donor cartoon at

Lord of the rings a day will come gif at

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