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Funny images – Your midweek laughter treat

Funny images – Today March 9th 2016, millions of lucky people in parts of Australia and south east Asia will had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of one of Earth’s most amazing phenomenon’s: A total solar eclipse. For memo, just in case you’ve spend the major part of your life locked underground, a total solar eclipse is when the moon passes directly between the Earth and its most beloved star: the Sun; and in order to witness the latter, you must find yourself in the moon’s direct shadow. There are 4 sorts of solar eclipses: Hybrid (the rarest), annular, partial and total (like it’s the case today). If you were not among the lucky crowd today, maybe will you be in vain during the next SOLAR eclipse which is due on August 21st 2017, and should be visible from Western Europe, North/East Asia, North/West Africa, North America, North/West South America, the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Arctic…
In the meantime, maybe can we tempt you with our latest selection of funny images (worst transition ever we know, right…)?

Wishing you a smile-packed PMSLweb moment!

Shine so hard solar eclipse meme – Funny images

Solar eclipse don’t look at it meme

Solar eclipse funny cartoon

Solar eclipse of the moo funny cartoon

Lost child at the store humor – Funny images

Manliest soup ever meme

Cannibals and McDonalds funny cartoon

The current year humor

Douchebag starter kit humor

When girls are cold versus when boys are cold meme

How Frozen should have ended meme

I thought this was a normal picture at first humor – Funny images

Leo gets his Oscar at last funny cartoon

Would a guy give an average girl a chance humor

Social justice warrior meme

When you’re trying to tweet your hate for America humor

Funny Donald Trump faces

Funny 2016 year of the monkey poster – Funny images

Choosing a character name funny gif

Funny definition of heck

Funny American English is our language comment

Funny Kenny West and Caitlyn Jenner

When security says you have to finish your drink humor

When a guy tries to drop hints humor – Funny images

Growacet funny medication

Funny frog activates its hyperspace drive

Trump is Jabba joke

My employee told me he had a flat tire funny fail

For what cause are you a social Justice warrior humor

Years of gaming have prepared me for this moment humor

Trump supporters and bombing of Agrabah funny fail – Funny images

I think the odds are against me funny scratch game fail

From Earth to Uranus in seconds funny gif

Drug sniffing cats funny cartoon

Funny video game wat gif

That look when a dumbass is speaking humor – Funny images

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