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Funny inappropriate Internet nonsense – Dafuq edition

Funny inappropriate Internet nonsense – We are sure that once in a while you happen to stumble upon a picture that will crack you up big time despite the fact that the latter flirts with a somehow “sensitive” subject; one that you very well are aware that you should not be joking about in the first place but whom honestly turns out to be just “too good” (Welcome to today’s edition of “Reasons why I will be going to Hell”). Let’s face it, nobody is truly immunized against political incorrectness – especially as far as humor is concerned – but how far is too far? Well that depends on the individual and the boundaries he sets himself really…

Today on PMSLweb, we have decided to share with you yet another compilation of slightly inappropriate humor, so if this specific genre turns out to be your cup of tea why not check it out!

WARNING – The following content is unsuitable for young viewers and may also be considered offensive by certain adults: Viewers discretion is advised.

Wishing you a devilish PMSLweb moment!

Funny inappropriate Internet nonsense

I want to leave funny poster - Funny inappropriate Internet nonsense

When you’re trying to take notes but you can’t read the board porn humor

I wasn’t into him at first adult humor

Funny butt cheeks kissing animation

I’m Pringle and ready to mingle funny tweet

Funny Snickers teeth - Funny inappropriate Internet nonsense

Funny fuck this pasta animation

No lives matter sarcastic humor

Finding chemo funny inappropriate humor

Funny doll with an attitude meme

When your grandma says you’re getting so big adult humor

Guy humping exhaustion pipe animation – Funny inappropriate Internet nonsense

If God doesn’t exist explain this funny meme

I f*cking hate you funny card

Trump tower George Bush do your thing funny meme

Heroin a comic strip inappropriate humor

When you’re the only one who looks good in a group picture funny meme

The turd people have taken me in as one of their own animation

I forget your name because I don’t care funny grandpa meme – Funny inappropriate Internet nonsense

Girl’s BJ instincts kick back in funny animation

Translate these emojis into a sentence funny fail

You thought he was going to be a terrorist you racist inappropriate humor

Family sends pizza deliveryman to check on grandma funny news –Funny inappropriate Internet nonsense

Funny Robert faggot gif

Funny comments about girl with long chin

Blacman Pacman funny inappropriate parody

WTF camel toe dance animated – Funny inappropriate Internet nonsense

Funny flying away eyebrows

Funny comments about pregnant girl with massive tummy

Bizarre sea creature squirts funny gif

I’m the brown guy funny Facebook fail

Funny fake Dr Martens advertising

Funny Thanksgiving turkey with big penis

Things Asian people say after sex funny meme

Male tears is slang for semen funny fail – Funny inappropriate Internet nonsense

Farting shark funny gif

Find the hidden words funny political puzzle

US presidents before vs after humor

Funny WTF baptism

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