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Funny Internet shit – Has the Internet ruined you?

Funny Internet shit – Dedicating our time into attempting to draw a few smiles on our viewer’s faces when the world has obviously become such a sick place isn’t always that easy. Once more sadly enough, instead of cutting straight to the chase we will start today’s post by sending our most sincere thoughts and condolences to Munich; its inhabitants and especially the family and friends of those who were harmed/ lost their lives during last night’s tragedy. When will the craze stop?

When in times like this we can thank technology and progress for providing us with our all-time favorite tool – aka the Internet – who gives us access to unlimited resources and live info all around the clock, we all know that the latter cannot resist in powering global snowball effects on the derision front and quite a few shameful giggles (for our biggest pleasure, let’s be honest)… Has the Internet ruined you? If you can relate to any of the following Saturday nonsense, we have bad news for you….

Wishing you a delightful weekend ahead and a chuckle-powered PMSLweb moment!

Hey kid wanna build a wall Trump meme – Funny Internet shit

Here comes Jesus orgy is over meme

Denied my kitten some pizza funny meme

When you squeeze as hard as you can naughty fruit humor

Micro chips to stop cheating humor

Hoes need snapchat taken away humor

Funny when you ask your mom if she can buy you a selfie stick

Bitches be like weighing your balls adult humor – Funny Internet shit

Your tongue game adult humor

Straight outta fucks humor

Is my son ok stick family humor

Pretty sunset bacon meme

Catches Pokemons but can’t find the clit adult humor

Funny this leggings shit has gone too far – Funny Internet shit

The f*ck I once gave has expired sarcastic quote

Stevie Wonder in Nice inappropriate humor

Bitchy prawn crackers meme

At least Hitler could use an over funny Ramsay meme

I’m still gonna need a sandwich funny meme

The Internet has ruined Disney funny adult meme

Man tries to fit entire fire hydrant up his a** gaypride humor

Do you honestly give a shit sarcastic ecard – Funny Internet shit

Did you hear a zipper funny adult meme

Any hole is a goal adult humor

Almost all serial killers are men funny meme

The new UK government funny meme

Let me sing you the song of my people cat meme  - Funny Internet shit

Funny door knockers sign

Your bullshit and you should be out of sight sarcastic meme

Go to the women’s shelter for a new girlfriend meme

Your girlfriend will take two hours to get ready  funny quote

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