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Funny Monday LOLZ – Hilarious picture zone

Funny Monday LOLZ – The time has come to put any awesome weekend souvenirs behind you (unless you’re lucky enough to currently be on vacation, in which case the prior statement does not apply to you) in order to focus on a brand new week of glorifying tasks and dignifying professional achievements. More seriously, the weekend is over and while it sure sucks balls you clearly have no choice but to kickstart yet another never ending week of frustration, so why not take a few minutes in order to spike up that mood of yours a tad in order to soften the blow… Guess what? Our latest collection of crazy Monday funnies has just gone viral, so why not dig-in?

Wishing you a brilliant new week ahead and a care-free PMSLweb moment!

You never realize how little self control you have funny meme - Funny Monday LOLZ

Tell your kids this is the tooth fairy funny meme

Funny mega plumber action hero meme

When the weekend is over funny meme

I want to be like a caterpillar funny quote

Funny sarcastic did I ask meme - Funny Monday LOLZ

On Instagram versus in person funny meme

The world is already funny of brain dead idiots sarcastic meme

Funny Facebook religious group fail

Another confederate statue is taken down funny meme

Funny lawyer parking his Porsche joke

Idiot glues asshole closed funny meme - Funny Monday LOLZ

Why should I go to someone's funeral funny status

When you're fighting and your spouse looks away funny meme

Funny grocery lane separator meme

 What my diet looks like funny meme

Trump and Kim Jong Un discover the monolyte humor

When you discover a spider in your car funny meme - Funny Monday LOLZ

Dad I'm afraid of zombies joke

Hope I've got my ticket funny sign fail

Funny stop texting my girlfriend joke

Funny dancing raccoon gif - Funny Monday LOLZ

Funny 20th anniversary joke

When you hear the vegans coming funny meme

Funny bread bag closing guide

I crashed my new car funny post comment

Funny the nukes of hazard photoshop - Funny Monday LOLZ

Hilarious obituary remembrance fail

I want my children to be headstrong independent people funny quote

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