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Funny Pics: Because we just love them so much!

Funny Pics – Here is a new collection of hilarious pictures because, in theory, nobody ever dies of laughter, that a man isn’t poor if he can still laugh and also that the human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.

A foul blow
A habit which should be given up
Armpit art
Maybe the only one he could get
As a baby when you'd cry...
Come and give mummy a hug…NOT..daddy’s turn!
Norris versus Hitler
The real reason we all suspected
lol fail
Oh so that’s what it really means…
Epic Bill Gates
Don’t try playing smart with him
Facebook starts with an f
How to build a popular word
Fantasy versus Reality
It’s tough
The duck
The duck no doubt
F*** yeah!
You’re three steps away
Google knows you
Never underestimate Google
Google's truth
Doubts about who is behind Google?
Happy Asian men
They love their job
Holy times
Hug your ennemies
Share the love
I don't remember
It’s all about priorities
Math teacher owns
Teacher owns
Meanwhile in Chernobyl
Cat scratching pole budget required
Military around the world
Some always need to stick out
Movie test fail
Fess up!
Next time bro
Keep faith
Nobody Cares
I so love this town
Luxury cat just one punch away
Build one yourself!
Penis facts
The reason
Pick up lines
Honesty, it doesn’t always help
Size counts
And you really believed it didn’t count?
Useless but hip
We hate math
Need more proof?
When your ex says
Spot on
Who are you
Facebook poetry
Why boys love girls
Google at its best again
You are smart
A man’s dream girl
Your mum
Now that’s not nice…
You you
Gets on your nerves doesn’t it?

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  1. Chuck Norris was not born the day before Hitler died. He was born March 10, 1940.

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