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Funny Saturday vibes – Putting the PRO into procrastination

Funny Saturday vibes – For all those of you whom, let’s be honest like an important percentage, have decided to stay in today in order to procrastinate, or for those who will only risk themselves out later; chilling on your computer as you know, can lead to a certain level of excitement if you set your mind to it. Bellow you will find our daily selection of silly pictures, so please be our guests!

Wishing you an enthusiastic PMSLweb moment!

Funny spider anatomy – Funny Saturday vibes at

Your a** doesn’t ring a bell humor at

I think that you should study art meme at

Someday you’ll go far sarcasm at

Big boobs demotivational at

My child drank bleach Facebook fail at

A**holes warning sign – Funny Saturday vibes at

Gumballs dispenser fail at

Funny dolphin’s last wish at

Funny resume fail at

Ewok dog meme at

Funny mormon playboy magazine at

Funny Facebook magazine – Funny Saturday vibes at

Skinny guys vs fat guys humor at

Grammar time humor at

Oedipus Thebes humor at

Baby seals punctuation fail at

Dump truck religion – Funny Saturday vibes at

John funny religion at

Ultimate temptation meme at

Funny Capri sun on Facebook at

Funny Facebook recommended for you at

They had me beg for treats meme at

Street fighter sesame street – Funny Saturday vibes at

Bungee toilet fail at

Give that girl a plunger meme at

Wish them a happy birthday Facebook funny at

Funny paper beats rock cartoon at

The more I know the less I care – Funny Saturday vibes at

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