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Funny Saturday – Your weekend selection of funnies

Funny Saturday – Welcome to funny bone land; our staff is delighted to see you drop by today, and will now attempt to make the most out of your stay. Amongst the freebies put at your disposition during your visit, you will find lighthearted chuckles, side-splitting guffaws and indelible giggles, so please be our guests and pick-up what you need.

Wishing you a mischievous PMSLweb moment!

Funny optical cat illusion – Funny Saturday at

Pacman single versus in a relationship at

The muffin muncher at

Coco the bird funny cartoon at

Skillet & Leroy album cover at

Erotic terrorism album cover at

All my friends are dead album cover – Funny Saturday at

Top dog album cover at

Lil flip album cover at

Lisa Simpson fail at

Musical event poster decrypted humor at

Marriage in a nutshell meme – Funny Saturday at

Tintin versus Prince William humor at

Paper jam humor at

Solution for cat owners at

Kids today funny cartoon at

Oprah funny bees gif at

Funny rude minesweeper – Funny Saturday at

Fake Gandhi quote at

I hit more trees funny quote at

Funny cat with laser eyes attack at

Introducing pawsense at

Funny renaissance clothes meme at

Funny fake tampon advert – Funny Saturday at

I hunt for lost farts gif at

Cat dependent no more poster at

No crossing while drinking at

Funny animated butt at

Soon cat meme – Funny Saturday at

That’s my girl meme at

Tintin and scrubs mind blow at

Funny Ebay scammer at

Cats are the center of the universe at

Marmite humor – Funny Saturday at

Funny holy toys at

Funny cat fail gif at

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