Funny Sunday pics and memes – Lighthearted weekend smiles

Funny Sunday pics and memes – Sadly enough the weekend is already coming to an end, and while we hope that you will make the most of whatever remains of the latter (depending on your current location) we acknowledge that subjects of procrastination interest may be running low. Bearing this in mind, we’ve put together a gallery of lighthearted Sunday chuckles, so if you have a few minutes to lose feel free to check it out.

Wishing you a chillax Sunday and a laughable PMSLweb moment!

Bitch you ok funny Snow White meme - Funny Sunday pics and memes

Love is in the air funny quote

Funny bird look like Trump

She loves me more wine and coffee humor

My new favorite doctor humor

Zoom in on middle finger funny gif

I want to live my life like a bear funny quote - Funny Sunday pics and memes

When someone asks you for advice sarcastic humor

Rare picture of a vegan being born funny meme

Funny decaf coffee meme

If ever you feel like a waste of sperm funny meme

Cat tripping over funny gif - Funny Sunday pics and memes

I'm going to open a restaurant called piece and quiet funny quote

Cat doing rear leg lift funny gif

Audio tape operation funny cartoon

I don't care how seductively you look at me funny meme

They've started to make teen mannequins funny meme

Funny Bilbo Baggins alternative version gif - Funny Sunday pics and memes

If a woman says do what you want sarcastic humor

I'm already like a brother to someone else funny T-shirt

Cat is not amused sarcastic humor

Happy birthday from Grandpa and Grandmaster flash funny Facebook fail

How Italians use electricity funny meme

Funny animal shop sign fail

When your dentist adds you on snapchat funny meme - Funny Sunday pics and memes

When you run out of coffee and need to wait funny meme

Can a fart be misogynist humor

Leaving work on Friday be like funny gif

Wash off the makeup and you can date  women funny comment

My life feels like a test I didn't study for - Funny Sunday pics and memes

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