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Funny Sunday pics – Ending the weekend with a smirk

Funny Sunday pics – For those who have decided to (or at least partially) dedicate their Sunday to procrastinating, surfing the internet has proven itself to provide a never ending list of entertaining time wasting resources; and once more today we have decided to add an additional one to the list so… feel free to give the latter a peek.

Wishing you a lovely and lazy Sunday and a fun PMSLweb moment!

Lays airbag – Funny Sunday pics at

Funny exercising quote at

What is this and why am I not there humor at

Raising the perfect child through guilt and manipulation at

Morning surprise humor at

I feel like I should clean the house funny quote at

Funny sandwich rant – Funny Sunday pics at

Funny Pharrell “happy” office sign at

Judas doesn’t understand personal space humor at

Dafuq clothing fail at

That’s malarious meme at

Wanted to lick my balls cat meme at

What people mean when they say all the time graph at

Leg without a body in background humor – Funny Sunday pics at

Funny Queen Elizabeth does not resign at

Jake gyllenhaal and kirsten dunst funny at

Trying to refuse an offer online humor at

Alice Cooper and dog look alike at

Funny Futurama how love works – Funny Sunday pics at

Funny david Guetta meme at

I don’t always eat everything goat meme at

Funny scumbag youtube meme at

Funny cat on redtube at

Bitch mode on humor at

Funny Ronald McDonald comment – Funny Sunday pics at

German plumber joke at

The soup was hot level engineer humor at

Funny football you lose sign at

Funny leaf hipster edit at

What if I never find out who’s a good boy – Funny Sunday pics at

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