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Funny Sunday pictures – A chillax collection

Funny Sunday pictures – The last day of the week is the one we the most often like to dedicate to procrastinating, and surfing around the world wide web often turns out these days to be the number one tool for wasting our time efficiently. If you are reading the following lines, it means that your slothful tour has led you to us. We feel particularly honored to have been included in such an important part of your schedule, and to show you our gratitude, cordially invite you to check out the flowing collection of Sunday funnies.

Wishing you a pleasant PMSLweb moment!

Lady and the tramp spaghetti parody – Funny Sunday pictures at

Raised on the Sesame Street meme at

Who ties your shoelaces for you quote at

How many girls do you see humor at

People said follow your dreams funny quote at

Car pedals men versus women funny at

YOBO you only blow up once meme at

WIFI and wife joke – Funny Sunday pictures at

Funny Boobs inspirational quote at

Give a man a bank meme at

How cheap gas was meme at

Quiet neighbors across the street humor at

Funny monkey showing his butt at

Kitty has a dollar little golden book at

Funny and sad dinosaur cartoon – Funny Sunday pictures at

Funny ask your sister about abortion meme at

Funny dog had caramel corn at

Loading pictures museum animated at

Funny beware of the dumbass warning at

K is the shortest way to say f*ck you at

Abbey road meme  - Funny Sunday pictures at

Funny rescue vehicle meme at

Ball of spider animated gif at

No playing dice with squirrels at

Facebook and huge tits funny at

I’ve decided not to have kids funny quote at

Fapping Tarzan action figure – Funny Sunday pictures at

I went to the disco last night funny quote at

Macauley Culkin scared of his future funny at

Happiness comes from within humor at

Funny grandmas f*ck you animation

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