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Funny Sunday pictures – Dominical giggles coming up

Funny Sunday pictures – Fess up, if you could rate your Sunday, how lazy would the latter turn out to be? From a scale of 1 to 10, where would you situate yourself procrastination wise? If your first reflex today upon wake-up, was to switch on your computer before grabbing coffee, with no further plans scheduled beyond that point, then why not dedicate a few minutes into giving a peep to the following selection of daily funnies.

Wishing you a laze-packed Sunday and chillax PMSLweb moment!

Funny spider web cartoon – Funny Sunday pictures at

Pookie swallows funny childhood book title at

Sarcastic tampon commercials ecard at

Fear of running out of wine at

Funny OCD cartoon at

funny this is his last chance at

Sarcastic stick family sticker – Funny Sunday pictures at

I’m wrong humoristic cartoon at

Funny coffee machine picture prank at

Funny selective hearing aids for men at

Funny medical visit reason fail at

Sarcastic trust a fart ecard – Funny Sunday pictures at

Jaws is Samuel L Jackson at

I identify with Dorothy funny t-shirt at

It’s better to be full of wine quote at

Why they call it ICU humor at

My dog ate a lego head meme at

She’s just a friend meme – Funny Sunday pictures at

Funny hairy tennis woman at

Sarcastic cheating days are over at

Arabic fish and chips restaurant fail at

Funny social media buttons at

Bring coffee funny warning at

Funny laundry schedule – Funny Sunday pictures at

Butt putt golf at

If you want someone to listen to you funny quote at

Funny fails at

Jobs which use algebra funny graph at

I’d be the worst Jesus ever humor at

hilarious button Facebook needs – Funny Sunday pictures at

Funny Zidane fighter at

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