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Funny text messages – Hilarious smartphone moments

Funny text messages – May they be intentional, or most of the time…. NOT; the number of hilarious text messages and especially autocorrect fails being uploaded on internet never seems to stop increasing (to our biggest pleasure). Every now and then, we enjoy putting together a collection of gems that we come across during our long hours of scavenging; so if you have decided to dedicate your Sunday to procrastinating, why not check them out?

Wishing you a chillax Sunday and a wicked PMSLweb moment!

Funny text messages

Funny anal explorer text message fail

Crotchless panties text message fail

Your brother is grounded funny autocorrect

Funny DVD title fail text message

Funny vacuum text message fail

Puss in boots funny autocorrect – Funny text messages

Worst roommate funny autocorrect

Funny grandma lyrics Iphone fail

daddy is gonna ride you funny text message fail

Slaves in my trunk funny autocorrect

Test is gonna be so hard funny text message fail

Funny wild autocorrect moment – Funny text messages

Spongebob is a tampon funny text message

Genital Thunderstorm funny autocorrect

Dad’s funny text message

Dad is under pressure funny autocorrect

Funny paint colors autocorrect

Funny Siamese kitten autocorrect fail – Funny text messages

Buying a parrot funny autocorrect

Awkward autocorrect fail

Are you listening to Justin Bieber funny text message

Funny data autocorrect

Funny mum’s text message fail

Don’t date girls with the same name as your mum text message fail

Dad’s surprise party – Funny text messages

Funny crochet text message fail

My aunt is coming funny autocorrect

Funny mosquito bite cure autocorrect fail

Blowing homeless people autocorrect fail

Funny lullaby text message fail

I may have bought a lapdance autocorrect fail – Funny text messages

A doctor a day funny autocorrect fail

Funny stripper club text message

Funny sesame street character autocorrect

Funny Christian mingle autocorrect fail

Funny kayak autocorrect fail

Dad on the toilet funny text message

Dad is trolling – Funny text messages

Funny autocorrect fail

How to convert dirty girls funny autocorrect

Thank you for caring funny autocorrect

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