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Funny TGIF – A crazy collection of Friday funnies

Funny TGIF – Because over the past four years we have become totally dedicated when it comes optimizing your Friday giggles, once more it’s an honor for us to have the opportunity to submit to your appreciation (and to your funny bone in particular) our latest selection of TGIF funnies
. Once more today’s collection of funny pics is a melting pot of different humor genres, so please feel free to check the latter out and add to your cart those who tickle your pickle.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend ahead and an uprising PMSLweb moment!

Obama backflip – Funny TGIF

Funny back seat driver lessons

Put it in your tum tum funny fake advertising

Your perfect girl could be sitting under this ad funny fake advertising

The only reason you are reading this advert funny fake adverting

Funny welfare cut forces families to live in car fail

Horizontal stripes funny demotivational – Funny TGIF

Funny how are you doctor cartoon

Funny text mom versus dad

Funny raised manholes sign

What is a calorie humor

I am Jacob Rothschild humor

The day I die funny husband wife joke – Funny TGIF

Hilarious Lego truth meme

Little miss teenage pregnancy

Birds turtles humans on the beach the sad truth

Funny cover yourself if you want to breastfeed

Funny bathroom tip

Funny glass maze of Pisa meme

Hunting gingers humor – Funny TGIF

You think you understand your human cat meme

Kim Kardashian wants her notoriety back funny meme

Buy me one funny text message

Epic twerk fail

Funny husband calendar fail

How to hug an attractive person funny Oatmeal cartoon

Hans of Frozen comes straight out of Game of Thrones – Funny TGIF

Made friends with cats funny fail

This hurts my brain humor

When your mom sees someone she knows at the store humor

Funny Jesus blowing smoke circles

UPS one day shipping meme

Funny dog head swap

Facebook in a nutshell humor – Funny TGIF

Size of the bite your friend takes from your burger humor

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