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Funny Thursday – Don’t worry be happy

Funny Thursday – Don’t worry be happy… because tomorrow is Friday and we all know what that means. In the meantime though, please accept this offering that we humbly put together and hope will kick-start a few smiles on your end.

Wishing you a delightful PMSLweb moment!

The hell am I scraping on car meme at

When she wants the D – Funny Thursday at

Concert calculator fail at

Nokia battery meme – Funny Thursday at

Taking pictures of your food meme at

Rollin they see me Yoda meme at

There is too much to pee on – Funny Thursday at

Chuck Norris T-shirt meme at

Ninjas drawing fail at

Apple I see what you did there at

Nazis, Nazis everywhere word meme at

Switching off the light at night meme at

Shaved guinea pig meme – Funny Thursday at

Wedding phone humor at

Time spent playing video games meme at

Your girls face when you’re smiling at your phone at

Funny instagram like at

My roommate leaves me notes meme at

There is always alcohol quote – Funny Thursday at

I’m gonna be late to pre-school meme at

I can count to potato meme at

Three whales from Scotland joke at

Alarm clock 5 more minutes meme at

Dora’s questions were very hard today at

The more the merrier my a** - Funny Thursday at

Shower in winter versus shower in summer at

Business idea minding your own business ecard at

Blow jobs DVD humor – Funny Thursday at

Life like an 80’s movie humor at

Good guy versus  a**hole meme at

Nice background inspirational meme at

Aerial view of your mum’s house at

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