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Funny Wednesday collection – Smiles are strong in this one

Funny Wednesday collection - Once Monday and Tuesday behind us, Hump day is the perfect occasion to let go of a little ballast and work on fuelling up our mood meter. Our latest hours of scavenging having allowed us to put together an easy going collection of funnies, today seemed like the perfect occasion to treat you to the latter, so please feel free to give it a glimpse.

Wishing you an entertaining PMSLweb moment!

I’m hungry gif – Funny Wednesday collection at

Funny housewarming gift at

Food porn heavy breathing at

Funny French Yahoo question at

Flight of the bumblebee funny raid advert at

Scumbag bird meme – Funny Wednesday collection at

Girls in movies waking up like at

I don’t understand art meme at

Cat wants cheese meme at

You look like a pad funny at

Look at me I’m a human funny cat at

Funny accordion skills youtube comment – Funny Wednesday collection at

Cleverbot humor at

My friend got a boner humor at

Spanish textbook fail at

I’m not antisocial funny quote at

Annual salary humor at

The wake-up will be tough – Funny Wednesday collection at

Using fat app on cat at

Don’t interrupt me sarcastic ecard at

Awkward chair at

TV program fail at

Cat looks like an ewok meme at

Crosswalk signs in Denmark meme at

Forever alone couples contest – Funny Wednesday collection at

Funny the ones you love hurt you the most a

funny don’t talk to me statue at

Funny tree branch at

Girl’s be like funny meme at

Cuddle application at

Walking half naked with antlers hipster edit at

Enough internet for today funny cat – Funny Wednesday collection at

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