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Funny weekend pics – Time to kick off your shoes

Funny weekend pics – With Friday evening’s craze now behind us, it’s time to finally focus on the rest of our weekend. Evidently you’ll agree, who ever would dare to picture-out a Saturday without a few wicked chuckles, so without waiting further more here’s a new collection of weekend goodies.

Wishing you a delightful and smile-riddled PMSLweb moment!

Cat jumps on man gif – Funny weekend pics at

Funny shark meme at

Awkward name at

The bullsh*t flag has been raised at

A woman without a man – Funny weekend pics at

Caution man struggling with umbrella at

Drink until you want me funny picture at

Balls are gone cat meme at

Snake cake at

Cat looks like he’s being humped by a black cat at

Wingman of the year – Funny weekend pics at

Two blondes were driving to Disneyland joke at

We sail east meme at

Funny Aladin and Jasmin at

Most intense fart ever – Funny weekend pics at

If you don’t look anything like your pic at

Scumbag Edouard Cullen at

Mario Bros is fat at

I speak my mind because it hurts to bite my tongue at

If you fart loudly in public ecard at

Getting your kids to pay attention ecard at

I get laid car meme – Funny weekend pics at

I’m never drinking again humor at

Redneck murders are hard to solve at

Hilarious face swap at

Naughty weather forecast at

Inflatable toast mattress – Funny weekend pics at

About to be attacked by a prehistoric squirrel at

Rate your pain at work at

Feel like a ninja at

Caring animals at

Funny power rangers gif – Funny weekend pics at

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