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Gadgetorama : What’s new in the gadget universe?

Gadgetorama – There’s no limit when it comes to setting your imagination free and some sure have theirs on the loose. Most concept designers hope to leave their imprint by inventing “the revolutionary gadget”, but let’s face it; the competition is harsh and can lead to a few quacks.
Nonetheless, we’ve surfed around and found numerous goodies in various categories.

Fell free to check them out!

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Puzzle Alarm Clock

If you are of those whom no matter what just tend to doze back off to sleep after hitting your snooze button every morning, then have to face a panic attack when you realize that once more what you thought was 5 minutes turned out to be 30, the Puzzle Alarm Clock could be an interesting option.
For 40$ you can experience the thrill of having to put 3 puzzle pieces into the correct slots in order to mute the device.

puzzle alarm clock
You’re a “die hard”?
Rubix Cube Alarm Clock

Defibrillator Toaster

Thanks to Shay Carmon in a near future you may get the opportunity to shock your toasts back to life! While sadly for now this gadget is only still a concept, no doubt that many of those who missed their opening in a medical career would finally reach inner peace…

Defibrillator Toaster

Barbuzzo Throwzini – 6 Piece knife set + block

Because we all have that special person who gets our blood pumping (ex, co-worker, mother-in-law…), this gadget will turn even the most “circus recalcitrant” person into a passionate knife throwing artist. While some at first may deem that its price of 88$ is quite an investment, please bear in mind the stainless steel product will probably last you a life-time… a life where no doubt you will encounter a great number of pestilences.

Barbuzzi Throwzini Knife set

Hot Tub Boat

Surprise your significant other and friends by treating them to a private “Hot Tub Cruise”! Just when you thought that you had seen everything, you will be delighted to learn that the website hottubboats allows you to rent one of his leisure vessels, proposes memberships and offers you to even purchase one if you have 20/40k sleeping in your bank account.

Hot tub boat

Maze Coffee Cup

Irritated by the fact that drips of your favorite hot beverage always end up finding their way into the saucer? Well why make the most of it and add a zest of craze to “coffee break”. Erdem Selek has designed an original porcelain Maze Coffee cup that can be found in various places on the net for around 28$.

maze coffee cup

Finger Food Plates

While we all get a kick out of finger food during parties & receptions, what we enjoy slightly less is having to walk around holding party toasts and others once we get dragged into a passionate debate for instance. Not only do most of us end up with anchovy cream all over our fingers as a result of the timeless snack gripping – and while we can be tempted to stick the whole thing into our mouths our interlocutors may not really enjoy the sight – but in case we need to urgently top up our glass we are then left with only one vacant hand. This dilemma can be corrected once and for all thanks to the “Finger Food Plates”. Fred & Friends 10 pieces reusable plastic finger/plate set is sold for around 10$.

finger food plates

Sun Tattoo

Have you ever been tempted by a tattoo but have ruled out the idea as you are not ready to commit for life? Here’s an original solution you may want to look into as you now have the opportunity to go off to the beach one morning (or to a UV cabinet in winter or even just by applying self-tanning lotion if you’re in a rush) and come back with an amazing tattoo which will last you a few days pain-free –except if you choose the first option and expose yourself too long of course! Put your creative skills to test, design and cut out your motif, you can even use an old shirt, tan and there you go!

sun tattoo

F U Lamp

If ever you’re considering the redecoration of your home sweet home, why not set for this gorgeous lamp designed by Andrea Maestri. No doubt that your guests will be intrigued and breath-taken by the touch of Zen you wish to give your household. The F U lamp can also turn out to be a fantastic and intimate gift idea to a special “someone”. Price is available on request.

F U Lamp from Andrea Maestri


We owe the “Ass-Speaker” to designers Younes Daneshvar and Javad Yazdani. Composed of one subwoofer and two butt-cheek speakers, this jewel of technology can connect to more or less every device via Bluetooth. To activate the latter one must gently smack the central unit which responds by a small glowing redish light appearing, then in order to increase or decrease the volume you will need to rub any of the cheeks using a circular movement. No doubt that this gadget will find its public!

ass-speaker 1
ass-speaker 2

Computer Accessories

These days it’s become quite common for people to personalize their High-Tech universe, may it be in a practical or more fantasist manner. Here are a few gadgets we came across and thought we’d share with you.

Office Chums Pig USB hub – 30$

office chums pig USB hub

Ipood USB drive – 27$

Ipood USB drive
Solar window charger – 66$

solar window charger by XD Modo

ValueRays USB heater slippers – 45$

ValueRays USB heater slippers

USB heated gloves – 20$

USB heated gloves

The Hamburger Bed

The Hamburger bed (which actually is a cheeseburger to be precise) will probably trigger the interest of any Fast food fan! The 2321$ price of this amazing bedtime companion covers various toppings, fries and soda. You can learn more about its exciting history on

hamburger bed

Growing Jewelry

Looking for a way to surprise your “Derpina”? If ever she’s into jewelry and has a green thumb, we might just have the perfect idea! These days various models of Growing Jewelry have been designed and are now available for purchase (prices available on request).

growing jewelry ring
growing jewelry ring
growing jewelry necklace

Piano Doorbell

Here’s one brilliant concept which has the merit of being original, useful and entertaining! Each of your guests will now be able to inform you of their presence by playing their own little tune at the door thanks to this Piano Doorbell designed by Lil Jianye. While still listed as a concept the latter seems to be available on various websites with a price range of 20/50$.

Piano doorbell

Also available on the market….

measuring belt
sit chair
work cone
bacon soda
iPhone Knuckle bumper
inbox and spam mailbox
R2D2 trashcan
squeeze T-shirt
high tech potty
Screaming ashtray
basket ball bin
refrigerator wine rack
bone socks
it’s a boy announcement card
unicorn meat
asian umbrella
carpet alarm clock
water color changer for tap
eco bicycle mower
mouse trap coffin
oreo spoon
pouch kilt
revenge toilet paper

walk a fish

In a parallel universe

What does the future have in order for us? Some of the following gadgets could turn out to be an interesting input in our everyday lives while others…. not so much!

Robot shower
Toilet house
toaster printer
war car
microwave PC
phone lighter
dryer remote
portable toilet water dispenser
all in one high tech fridge
toaster printer
Port a loo

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