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Game of Thrones humor – Season 6 is coming

Game of Thrones humor – One day. Yes that’s right, only 1 day to go before the wait is finally over. Tomorrow, April 24th, HBO will be airing the first episode of the 6th season of what is now known as the world’s favorite show: Game of Thrones. Since June 14th, date of season 5’s wild finale, every GoT addict has been on tenterhooks wondering how on earth he was going to survive the 10 month hold on until George R.R Martin finally lifted the veil on Westeros’ machiavellian plot outcomes:

- Will Jon Snow live?
- If yes, will Melisandre resurrect him?
- If no, will he become a white-walker?
- Will Shireen be avenged (Davos?)?
- What is Jaime going to do?
- Will Tyrion & Jorah become stone men?
- Will Arya stay blind?

These questions & more should ultimately find answers during the airing of Game of Thrones’ 6th season that will most definitely keep us hooked between April 24th and June 26th 1016.
In the meantime though, we thought that we’d help you get back on track with a little humoristic recap; what is GoT all about and where did it leave us hanging?

Valar morghulis!
The PMSLweb team.

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