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Geek living: Pimp your kitchen!

Geek living - Think that it’s about time to give your kitchen a total makeover, at least as far as accessories are concerned? Why not check-out what follows and add a little touch of originality to your everyday cooking habits.

Star Wars Cookbooks - Geek living at
Let’s start with choosing the perfect cook books…
Dog Towel Holder
What could be more original than these towel holders if you are a dog lover!
Nose egg seperator
Gross but practical, this snotty egg separator
Han Solo ice cubes
Help free Han…in your glass!
Heart shaped fried eggs - Geek living at
Surprise your sweetheart with a romantic brekkie
Knife Holder
This can definitely come in handy at moments
Lap counter
Peeling potatoes will no longer lead to a painful organization
Light saber Tap
The special tap gadget every geek will want in his kitchen
Milk Shaker
A very fun way to create delicious shakes
Mix sticks - Geek living at
Let the musician in you take control
Pac Man Hothead
The little 80′s arcade touch
R2D2 Trash can
Let your trash can feel the force
Sharky Tea
Treat your guests to a solemnly Jaws moment
Squeeze Bacon - Geek living at
Now you can enjoy the taste of bacon all through the day, no limits!
Tic Tas Toast
A breakfast challenge anyone?
Zing Spoon
You take the responsibility for this oki?

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