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Gordon Ramsay – taking cooking to the next level

Gordon Ramsay – Born on November 8 1966, the Scottish chef Gordon Ramsay has over the years become a key figure as far as cooking shows are concerned. His illustrious performances as conductor of operations in a handful of series including “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares”, “Hell’s Kitchen”, “The F Word”, “Ramsay’s Best Restaurant” or more recently “Hotel Hell”, driven by a very atypical line of conduct, provide a tremendous amount of entertainment to the viewer who not only gets to enjoy programs revolving around finest cuisine but in addition gets his fix reality-show wise with a wild Ramsay on the loose who doesn’t spare anyone.

We thought that we should definately dedicate him a post, so here goes!

Wishing you a tasty PMSLweb moment!

Ramsay Piss off
Gordon Ramsay that salad is so badly dressed
Ramsay the pork is so raw
Ramsay this deer is so raw
Ramsay why did the chicken cross the road
Ramsay the only guy who tells a woman to get out the kitchen
Ramsay this mushroom is so raw
Gordon Ramsay you've used so much garlic
Ramsay you used so much thyme
Ramsay your fish is so raw
Ramsay you sent out so much smoke
Ramsay this salad is so undressed
Ramsay these crabs are so undercooked
Ramsay there's more oil on this
Ramsay this squid is so undercooked
Gordon Ramsay funny GPS
Ramsay - great job now F off

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