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Gross pictures – WTF did I just see

Gross pictures – While the internet turns out to be an inexhaustible source of knowledge and a major opening on the world on a daily basis, undeniably, it also has enabled us to discover a certain amount of “other” facts and oddities which – let’s be honest – we probably could gladly have done without.

Before you decide to go through the following post, please be aware that some of the visuals which feature in the latter could be qualified as “disturbing” by certain viewers, so if in doubt you may wish to stay clear.

In all cases, we wish you a wonderful weekend ahead, and for those who have decided –regardless of the warning – to stay with us, an uncanny PMSLweb moment!

Gross pictures at

Gross chicken gif at

Suck my toes meme at

Worst visit to the dentist ever at

Anus cake at

Butt braid at

Long armpit hairs – Gross pictures at

Three mouth piercing at

Satan’s nipples at

Mother of peeling at

Funny piece of sole at

Hair ball picture at

Hello kitty tooth at

Gross bling-bling mouth at

Gross ear piercing – Gross pictures at

Toe gangbang at

Hairy panties at

Monster tumor at

Impaled on fence at

Scorpio pizza – Gross pictures at

Man with a tail at

Nasty toe nails at

Guacamole doll at

Dental anomaly at

Extra longue tongue at

Fly leg eyelashes at

Giant pimple Clearasil parody – Gross pictures at

Oven baked tarantula at

Paper shredder accident at

Why Chinese women have small feet at

Genetics meme at

Gross toe nails at

Tonya the tooth tongue  - Gross pictures at

Leg nipple at

Photoshop humor at

Woman with horn at

The chocolate anus at

Awkward penis humor at

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