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Halloween funnies – A Trick or giggle collection

Halloween funnies – With a 24h countdown on us until the Halloween festivities are officially launched, we just couldn’t resist on treating you to a jaw fracturing collection of funny Halloween related pictures (trust us, tomorrow a completely different direction will be taken.. but no more shall be said until then).

In all cases, wishing you a funny and spooky PMSLweb moment!

Disney Halloween at

Ghouls just wanna have fun – Halloween funnies at

Sarcastic Halloween ecard at

When you were a kid trading candy at

Blood light at

Halloweeties cereal at

Funny wine label – Halloween funnies at

Funny mummy cartoon at

Halloween candy meme at

Funny dog scary story meme at

Voodoo doll funny quote at

Funny witch cartoon at

Funny Halloween cartoon – Halloween funnies at

Epic scarecrow at

Board game of death humor at

In a horror movie humor at

Mom shut the door Halloween humor at

We’re in love pumpkin humor – Halloween funnies at

Halloween booze at

Halloween booze at

Halloween booze at

Why witches have black cats funny at

Dracula and werewolf cartoon – Halloween funnies at

Ghost anti aging products at

Because vampires get thirsty too at

Halloween diabetes meme at

Creepy Halloween meme at

Couple costumes ideas at

Next time on ghost hunters meme at

Funny ghost hunters meme – Halloween funnies at

FU pumpkin at

Google plus graveyard ecard at

Ghost hunters meme at

Pedobear pumpkin at

Pedobear Halloween meme at

Evolution of Halloween costumes – Halloween funnies at

Creepy or cute funny picture at

Funny scary facts at

Birthmarks funny quote at

Spider webs everywhere meme at

Creepy webcam picture at

Dafuq is that – Halloween funnies at

How different age groups celebrate at

Google graveyard at

Evidently, we just could not finish this pre-Halloween collection, without a little selection of costume fails…

Crikey Halloween at

Xbox Halloween costume at

Iron man costume fail at
We named him Iron Man but it actually could be flash too as far as we’re concerned.. status quo here…

Giving birth costume fail at

Jewish super hero costume fail –Halloween funnies at

Pooman costume fail at

Pedo priest costume fail at

Vagina costume fail at

Toilet costume fail at

Tampax costume fail at

Jihadist costume fail – Halloween funnies at

Hitler costume fail at


Creepy guy gif at

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