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Happy Monday funnies – Celebrating a wild new week

Happy Monday funnies – A whole new week awaits us, so why not take a little spin down crazy lane before getting stuck into the real deal? The weekend is already a vague souvenir and living in the past never leads to anything good anyway, so let’s take a deep breath and do this shall we….

Wishing you a loony PMSLweb moment!

You can change the train’s direction gif at

Monday’s Beatle’s humor – Happy Monday funnies at

This is my cup of care at

Husband scraping car funny at

My dog taking a poop – Happy Monday funnies at

I so hate Mondays at

Better take a picture before fixing it at

Train your wife at

Batcat and red dot at

You talk so much s*it – Happy Monday funnies at

It’s Monday again at

Found this in my cellar at

A**hole repellent at

What’s in your pants – Happy Monday funnies at

The nursery rhyme never says at

It’s winethirty ecard at

Chewbacca humor at

Facebook you versus real you at

Queen 60 years on the throne – Happy Monday funnies at

Youtube’s annual company meeting humor at

Facebook food funny cartoon at

Monday has been cancelled at

You can tell how much a woman loves you by her feet at

Found a knot while on a walk at

Don’t worry be happy – Happy Monday funnies at

Trapped in the wrong body fake book cover at

Stuffed girl’s heads vintage advert at

You know you’re in the ghetto at

Some people are just beautifully wrapped boxes quote at

Made in China vs made in Africa at

If Monday had a face – Happy Monday funnies at

Bitchfield at

The latest in airbag technology humor at

Disney queen on drugs at

You had no childhood meme at

Society gone crazy – Happy Monday funnies at

Different types of laughter online at

Asian falls against toilet door gif at

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