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Happy Monday vibes – Funnies to celebrate the new week

Happy Monday vibes – The weekend is over and you’re suddenly swept off your feet by the harsh reality: It’s Monday. Nonetheless, the past has shown us that with a little willpower, we can make it through the day with minimum damage if we really set your minds and hearts to it; so let’s work on that shall we?

Wishing you a smile-tainted PMSLweb moment!

Elephant face punch – Happy Monday vibes at

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If money is the root of all evil meme at

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Being crafty with baby at

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Don’t take anything for granite Facebook fail at

Creation of adam parody at

Dat a** kids meme at

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Facebook status typo fail – Happy Monday vibes at

Stealing beer like a boss at

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Black person under your bed funny autocorrect – Happy Monday vibes at

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