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Hilarious autocorrect – iPhone’s living a life of their own

Hilarious autocorrect – One of our oldest vices on PMSLweb is to, once in a while, dedicate one of our Friday posts to what probably has turned out to be the iPhone’s best feature ever: the one and only Autocorrect; and that’s exactly what we intend on doing today. These collections of funny autocorrect moments often bring tears to our eyes, and even when you think that you’ve probably seen it all by now and are immunized, somehow the magic still operates.

Wishing you a chuckle-packed PMSLweb moment!

WTF mum – Hilarious autocorrect at

Capslock autocorrect fail at

Case of the manboobs autocorrect fail at

Coming in my vulva funny autocorrect at

My roommate made my phone do that iPhone funny at

Weatherman says to prepare for flamingos autocorrect at

Your fartbreath funny iPhone – Hilarious autocorrect at

I hate April iPhone autoccorect at

Testicles on bacteria funny autocorrect at

Groom your big hole funny autocorrect at

Penis potion autocorrect fail at

You have ants autocorrect humor at

Colonoscopy brownie – Hilarious autocorrect at

Dance paraplegic iPhone funny at

Cum in my hair funny autocorrect at

Mum language fail funny autocorrect at

You should open your poophole for me autocorrect fail at

Pickle my a** up – Hilarious autocorrect at

Naughty autocorrect fail at

Driving over to tickle your a** funny autocorrect at

Dad autocorrect fail at

Humping animals makes me happy autocorrect humor at

Holy Jedi father of Luke – Hilarious autocorrect at

Hershey kiss iPhone fail at

Pube juice funny autocorrect at

Driving off with his mum’s corpse autocorrect fail at

My father poked me in the butt funny autocorrect at

Respond to my boner iPhone fail at

Auctioning kids – Hilarious autocorrect at

Genital thunderstorm autocorrect funny at

Big iPhone autocorrect fail at

Death vibrator funny iPhone autocorrect at

Homosexual milk funny autocorrect at

The hamster life autocorrect humor at

Duck autocorrect at

Gave your father a huge boner – Hilarious autocorrect at

Sweet dreams dead husband at

Sweet dreams dead husband at

Funny iPhone prank at

Blowing baboons funny autocorrect at

My foreskin is all scabby autocorrect humor at

Walking dead iPhone fail – Hilarious autocorrect at

Things most written on an iphone at

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