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Hilarious Christmas pictures – Our Christmas gift to you

Hilarious Christmas pictures – Before going on any further, we would like to wish a very happy and merry Christmas to everyone (if you know what we mean *wink*). We hope that overall most of you were good this year and that Santa will spoil you (although we honestly also know how tempting the naughty list can be at moments). It will probably come as no surprise that our gift for you this year once more is a collection of some of the funniest Christmas dedicated pictures found on our good old World Wide Web, so ho, ho, ho, here we go!

Wishing you a fun-packed Christmas and giggle-tainted PMSLweb moment!

Hilarious Christmas pictures

Do you even gift Christmas humor

Brace yourself Christmas is coming

Nobody liked caroling with Yoda

She wanted Frozen stuff for Christmas meme

Yoda Christmas tree topper

Perfect Christmas gift sign fail – Hilarious Christmas pictures

Sad truth about Santa Claus humor

Santa rubbed your toothbrush on his balls

Funny Santa tattoo cartoon

Santa ho ho ho animated

When people give you shitty gifts at Christmas

I’m not Santa but you can sit on my lap – Hilarious Christmas pictures

Funny Christmas drinking game

Funny cat and dog Christmas cartoon

Funny Santa sleigh cartoon

Co-workers are like Christmas lights sarcastic ecard

Selfie with santa funny cartoon

How do we know Santa is a man humor

Funny Christmas underwear – Hilarious Christmas pictures

Drunken version of let it snow humor

Funny North pole Santa cartoon

Funny sarcastic Christmas card

What did this kid ask for at Christmas humor

Funny baby Christmas meme

Funny Hipster santa cards – Hilarious Christmas pictures

Empties his sack once a year santa meme

Funny kids Christmas pajamas fail

Funny Christmas toy fail

Science by Santa humor

Santa versus reindeer animated

Funny human Christmas stocking

Funny Santa just roll me over – Hilarious Christmas pictures

How much I enjoy Christmas music funny graph

Sriracha candy canes

Jack Daniels Christmas tree

Funny Christmas picture taken with cats

Santa robbed a Tennessee bank funny fact

The human Santapede Christmas card – Hilarious Christmas pictures

Do you prefer Christmas or sex joke

NSA employee of the month santa meme

Funny sci-fi crèche

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