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Hilarious Monday – All aboard the crazy train

Hilarious Monday - For a significant part of internet users, only a handful of days separate you from the most overwhelming holidays of the year – not to mention the most expensive. Usually, as a result, work days tend to seem slightly less hectic than usual, and you will surprise yourselves to tolerate a fair amount of things that usually would drive you over the edge. Anyway, let’s kick-start this new week with a few giggles…

Wishing you a brilliant new week and a chuckle-packed PMSLweb moment!

Hello Monday funny monkey – Hilarious Monday at

I’m not asking you to just sit ecard at

Funny villain’s shooting accuracy at

Funny Monday rex at

Funny oil and water cartoon at

Funny Mario Bros cartoon at

May you find the perfect vacation ecard – Hilarious Monday at

Funny Rodrigo Palacio at

This is a great party ecard at

No such thing as a stupid question at

Funny sarcastic ecard at

Some people come into our lives sarcasm at

Dear whores funny quote – Hilarious Monday at

Owly coffee cartoon at

Funny turtle cartoon at

Dinner is ready meme at

Funny Miley Cyrus gif at

Funny Monday picture – Hilarious Monday at

Arjen Robben humor at

Welcome to the petting zoo meme at

Video games before the Internet funny cartoon at

My gargoyle meme at

Ground meat meme at

Funny bird legs comment – Hilarious Monday at

Playing with your hair humor at

Funny Pokemon comment at

Funny restaurant sign at

Bropunzel meme at

Photogenic fish meme at

Funny Gotye car at

Nagging deer meme at

Funny giant spoon gif – Hilarious Monday at

How it feels to write after a long time at

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