Hilarious Monday meme zone – New week funnies

Hilarious Monday meme zone – Well it’s now official, in two weeks from now many of us will probably still be digesting after what will have turned out to be a very heavy/rich in calories Christmas lunch or an exquisite leftovers dinner, chilling and honestly not giving a single f*ck. In the meantime though, we still have a fortnight to pull through, and in order to do so procrastinating online while scrolling through premium nonsense should always be considered; so, without further ado why not dig into our latest collection of Monday guffaws?

Wishing you a bearable new week and a kick-ass PMSLweb moment!

Monday hates you too sarcastic humor - Hilarious Monday meme zone @PMSLweb.com

If you only see 2 people you're racist funny meme @PMSLweb.com

Where do you see yourself in 30 years funny meme @PMSLweb.com

Netflix is out of control funny meme @PMSLweb.com

If I got 1$ every time I said fuck sarcastic meme @PMSLweb.com

Funny moving eyebrows gif - Hilarious Monday meme zone @PMSLweb.com

Dumbass can't draw the swastika funny meme @PMSLweb.com

Make a woman come for once funny adult meme @PMSLweb.com

Do you want to hold my baby funny sarcastic meme @PMSLweb.com

This plant flips me off every morning funny meme @PMSLweb.com

When your snapchat filter comes off funny meme - Hilarious Monday meme zone @PMSLweb.com

The real definition of cunt sarcastic humor @PMSLweb.com

Cotton being picked at night looks like a rock concert funny meme @PMSLweb.com

Monday morning roulette funny coffee meme @PMSLweb.com

Never forget about the streets that raised you funny meme @PMSLweb.com

Funny caption this meme - Hilarious Monday meme zone @PMSLweb.com

This represents 99% of car accidents funny meme @PMSLweb.com

We all have that one friend who tries to kill us through alcohol poisoning funny meme @PMSLweb.com

Fun fact about alcohol sarcastic humor - Hilarious Monday meme zone @PMSLweb.com

When the ice-cream machine is broken at McDonalds funny meme @PMSLweb.com

Penis sizes in the world adult humor @PMSLweb.com

When someone at work asks me how I'm doing sarcastic meme @PMSLweb.com

The word daddy has been so sexualized funny post @PMSLweb.com

How much of an asshole is your sign sarcastic humor @PMSLweb.com

You're never too old for Disney funny meme - Hilarious Monday meme zone @PMSLweb.com

I want all those bitches calling me daddy funny barber meme @PMSLweb.com

Tag a numbnuts day sarcastic humor @PMSLweb.com

Frosty the beer man funny meme @PMSLweb.com

My Facebook account has been hacked sarcastic humor @PMSLweb.com

What's the best drug to have sex on funny comment @PMSLweb.com