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Hilarious Monday – New week funnies

Hilarious Monday – As a new week strikes us along with its machiavellian manager Brutus Monday, the last happy memories of the past weekend slowly start fading away. This calls for action, and ASAP; so we have put together a new collection of funny pictures which we hope will help you thwart any negative thoughts who could be trying to make a break-through.

Wishing you a productive new week and a kick-butt PMSLweb moment!

Sarcastic Donald Duck – Hilarious Monday

Funny realistic anime

Funny ring bell fail

Jihad me at hello news

Nose picking fail

Funny online black Labrador – Hilarious Monday

Funny nazguls meme

Funny care bear taste the rainbow

Sarcastic Superman underwear quote

Future video game level designer meme

It will be fun they said meme

Hot woman crocs fail – Hilarious Monday

When a girl finally decides to tell what is wrong

Funny opinions on internet cartoon

Applaud the jellyfish sign

Boob weather forecast

Satisfying broom humor

Funny toothpaste fail – Hilarious Monday

Just one more drink humor

Road kill sandwich

Funny mortal combat scorpion animation

’m in love with a tree

Confused calf humor

Ballet sign fail – Hilarious Monday

Asking for head meme

Hitler tinder profile

Funny lego sex

Jewish piano meme

Atheist language status fail

Funny Kleenex tissue review

Funny family drama news – Hilarious Monday

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