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Hilarious New Year pictures – Kissing 2016 goodbye

Hilarious New Year pictures – Only a few more hours to go before we can finally kiss 2016 goodbye! No need to point out what a shit year this specific one has been and why the Grim reaper definitely would deserve to feature on Time magazine’s “Person of the year” edition cover. So many talented artists (musicians, actors…) who contributed in making our childhood such an awesome one are no longer, and this – what seemed to be- endless Russian roulette game did not really allow us to truly finish grieving one before the following was taken away from us.

Anyway, we hope that despite all this, good things still happened to you this year and that you are currently getting ready and psychologically prepared to celebrate what probably will turn out to be the wildest party of the year!
To finish, we wish all of you the best for 2017 (hoping that the latter will not turn out to be this nasty bugger’s evil twin, evidently) and in order to celebrate, why not take a peek at this year’s edition of Funny New Year pics?

Fuck you 2016, fuck you very much!

The PMSLweb squad

Hilarious New Year pictures

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Snails celebrating the New Year funny cartoon

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Ho ho ho yourself funny sarcastic reindeer

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No New year new me sarcastic meme – Hilarious New Year pictures

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I’m not making resolutions this year sarcastic humor

I asked a girl at the gym what her New Year resolution is funny meme

If you’re worried about not getting a New Year Eve’s kiss funny quote

I hope your New Year’s resolution is to f*ck off sarcastic humor

Hey 80’s kids 2016 meme – Hilarious New year pictures

If you think that 2016 has been the worst year ever funny quote

People who say see you next year on December 31st sarcastic humor

Take a walk every day sarcastic humor

For those who say 2016 was the worst year ever humor

Here’s a list of those interested in your New year resolutions sarcastic humor

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What are my New Year resolutions sarcastic humor

My NY resolution is to be as tight with money as this guy and his jeans meme

Holiday resolutions be like funny meme

Next year I’m gonna put mistletoe on my ass sarcastic humor

Hi five to all those who will be turning off their phones sarcastic humor

Fuck you 2016 sarcastic humor

That’s all folks 2016 gif – Hilarious New Year pictures

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