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Hilarious Tuesday – Your fix of gluten free chuckles

Hilarious Tuesday – Once upon a time, you had determined that it was time to take a break from your daily duties, and we honorably second that thought. In the mood for a few guffaws? If yes, search no more and check out what follows.

Wishing you a cackle packed PMSLweb moment!

Sarcastic touchstone pictures parody – Hilarious Tuesday at

Funny Iron maiden in Avengers fail at

If I see this before we head out humor at

Funny Sarah Jessica Parker in Dragon ball at

Funny duct taping the plane comment at

No thanks Ouija board meme at

Grilled sausage advertising fail – Hilarious Tuesday at

I love the smell of incest funny fail at

Funny timeout meme at

My ex is a cow funny comment at

Hilarious Dam Son name fail at

Mike Tyson plus Prince equals Printhe at

Pluto is crying humor – Hilarious Tuesday at

If China knocks down the US flag on the moon humor at

Funny gardener prank at

Funny Swedish chef story at

Funny Bruce vs Kris Jenner at

Trying to escape the friendzone humor at

sexual predator humor at

Funny does Vodka really kill bees and wasps – Hilarious Tuesday at

When she’s still asleep vs when I’m still asleep humor at

Shake well before use funny fail at

Funny violators sign fail at

Funny gluten free lapdances at

Funny Rick Astley and Pixar movies meme at

Porsche the early years meme – Hilarious Tuesday at

An update is available computer humor at

You have a sick mind meme at

Funny FIFA 16 parody at

Funny bicycle fail at

Walmart strikes back humor at

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