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Humorous Monday – Starting off the week on the right foot

Humorous Monday – By starting off the week on the right foot, no doubt that you should somehow be able to partially influence the upcoming mood over the few next days. While Monday will often turn out to be a toughie, experience shows that treating yourself to a few giggles can often make a notable difference; so here is our selection of new week funnies to kick-start the craze.

Wishing you a zany PMSLweb moment!

Real life Mario Bros mushroom power – Humorous Monday at

Texting wasn’t always easy ecard at

Funny wheelchair suicide ramp at

WTF Japanese sign at

Funny redneck lottery winner at

He dances perfectly to any song gif – Humorous Monday at

Parenting fail at

Strange notice in McDonalds toilet at

I see dead people funny Star Trek red shirts at

I’ll name him Chuck Norris rage comic at

Kid threatens Santa for PS4 at

Wearing her things joke – Humorous Monday at

Sparta bird meme at

Football playing like a boss at

Dirty bathroom commercials meme at

Proving to my girlfriend that it wasn’t from a condom wrapper at

Fun for buying every children character pants at

If you love someone let them go sarcasm – Humorous Monday at

Funny after hours teletubbies at

Funny sneaky and horny dog at

Funny Mario feeds mushroom to Yoshi at

Box I don’t want to open funny at

Nobody visits the moon anymore humor at

Funny dog playing guitar meme – Humorous Monday at

Our wives think we are fishing funny sign at

Best memories come from the craziest ideas meme at

I’m so ugly humor at

Jehovah’s witnesses meme at

Jurassic pope demotivational – Humorous Monday at

Looking for intelligent life on other planets sarcastic quote at

Cinderella themed party funny ecard at

Funny amazing optical illusions at

Honesty in job interviews humor at

Pope picking his nose at

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