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Humorous Tuesday – Funny bone quality time

Humorous Tuesday – Given that we’ve often pointed out that Tuesday is known to be the most productive day of the week, today we’ve decided to prove that productivity and procrastination are not incompatible. Indeed our own personal –and very elaborate – studies have often shown that treating yourself to a little funny bone quality time every now and then tends to increase efficiency (without abusing, evidently). Bellow you will find our latest edition of funnies, so why not see for yourself?

Wishing you a joyful PMSLweb moment!

Relationship status it’s complicated meme - Humorous Tuesday at

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Funny Jesus selfie at

3 generations of wives worried sick humor at

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There are 2 kinds of cats humor – Humorous Tuesday at

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Funny oily face Yahoo question at

Funny texts between my little bro and his girlfriend at

Funny smurf penis cartoon at

There must be a spoon attached to the camera humor at

Maybe Jesus was gay the whole time joke – Humorous Tuesday at

Drinking water while chewing mint gum humor at

Real life Dora meme at

Funny is my girlfriend calculating velocity at

Spring is coming humor at

No tickets to pretty girls fail at

Muscular fish exists funny – Humorous Tuesday at

Funny pastry shape at

When your girl’s trying to see who you’re texting humor at

Funny definition of teacher at

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I want to run around and meow for no reason cat meme at

Funny horse romance book – Humorous Tuesday at

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Kids today will never know the gameboy struggle at

Funny titses chocolate – Humorous Tuesday at

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