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Humorous Tuesday – Your daily dose of hilarity

Humorous Tuesday – After making it through the terrible and indwelling Monday, you barely had time to catch a breath that its evil twin Tuesday turned up at your door in order to sustain the pain. Time to take action, and thwart any undesirable vibes with a good dose of happy vibes and demonical giggles.

Wishing you a jocular PMSLweb moment!

Bird window fail- Humorous Tuesday at

I don’t give a sh*t ecard at

Funny Tetris pre-order at

Navigation system humor at

Have you ever been so angry at

Funny sick cloud – Humorous Tuesday at

Trip to Mexico versus swine flu humor at

Sarcastic talk to the hand ecard at

I got this meme at

Funny guide to laundry symbols at

Cat in doorway humor – Humorous Tuesday at

F*ck the police cat meme at

Long story short ecard at

Cocaine toothache drops vintage at

Lazors charged cat meme at

In Soviet Russia Waldo finds you at

Funny Batman knows hentai – Humorous Tuesday at

Funny invisible man sign at

Funny if fonts were dogs at

Sarcastic challenge my patience ecard at

Sarcastic photo album hipster edit at

Vader cat meme at

Vegans hate immigrants joke – Humorous Tuesday at

Shitty story ecard at

Funny you are illiterate at

Funny letter from Sean Connery to Apple at

Funny wifi routers are killers at

Funny CRS info notice – Humorous Tuesday at

Female lion is not happy humor at

Hilarious lion wife at

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