Hump day craze – A handful of wicked giggles

Hump day craze – So you’ve reached the peak of the week and are in the mood for a few wicked giggles? Please allow us to lend you a helping hand with today’s selection of funny pics and nutcase gifs. Wednesday is always an important milestone and should be treated accordingly, so why deprive yourself.

Wishing you a devilish PMSLweb moment!

The art of trolling – Hump day craze at

Justin Timberlake hair humor at

Funny David Ghetto at

Funny vuvuzela t-shirt at

Jesus fails to impress Eskimos at

Shut up and pimp my car – Hump day craze at

Seems legit not a virus at

Squirt alert funny board game at

Funny youtube comment at

Handshake fail gif at

Gothics demotivational – Hump day craze at

Avengers on iPhone funny at

Hilarious facebook jumanji comment at

Wedding troll at

Tower of Pisa humor at

Chinese forever alone – Hump day craze at

Class presentation fail at

Tank filled with political promises at

Pizza baking instructions humor at

Star wars action figures funny at

When you wash yourself – Hump day craze at

The scream gif at

Awkward name at

Mr and Mrs pacman funny cartoon at

A thug’s life at

You’re dressed as a police car – Hump day craze at

Tire advertising win at

Smarta** boyfriend humor on facebook at

Why doesn’t this happen watching porn at

If Chuck Norris was Mario gif at

Arm fail – Hump day craze at

Bill Gates about Bieber win at

Beer beard funny product at

Funny PJ night classified ad at

Say I love you with facials at

Nose picking ape gif – Hump day craze at

Charge your iPhone with your breath at

Funny wolf t-shirt reviews at

Periodic table of awesoments at

You’ve reached the end of the internet at

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