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Hump Day Funnies: Yet another collection of funny pics!

Hump Day Funnies – Since we’ve managed somehow to make it half way through the week why not treat ourselves to a few smiles in order to keep the spirits up, as the rest of the week usually depends on the outcome of this crucial day!

Wishing you once more a chillax moment!

living will funny letter

forever alone

suddenly forgotten how to swim funny

If people winked irl as they do in texts

ariel has feet funny

why do you wear seashells ariel

in 2012 dracula dies of starvation

facepalm demotivational

I would rather cuddle then have sex

If I had a dollar for every smart thing you said

blow drying penis funny

impossible things to say when you are drunk

friends are like boobs real and fake

I just met you and this is crazy wine glass

the fake laugh you do when you don t understand someone

best friends someecards

this lettuce died so you could be vegetarian

my parents didn t care about how they dressed me

elevator list of things to do

how fights start you have a good eyesight

cat pretends with blue balls

i wish i was a bird to shit on people

good moms let you lick the beaters great mums turn them on

 If I wanted to listen to an a-hole I'd fart

women don t work as much as men they get it right the first time

funny parental crossing sign

that awkward waldo boyfriend moment

how do they wipe their funny

 nice underwear welcome mat

when you answer a long text with k

our friendship is bad for my liver someecards

a-hole funny

you made me laugh so hard tears run down my leg

if closed minds came with closed mouths

cat who wants to poo outside

lego dynamite song funny

patience is what parents have someecards

the shit that comes out of your mouth

luke and darth right hand funny

alphabet soup and better statement

don t go bacon my heart I couldn t if I fried

answering dora or sitting in silence

 hello kitty goodbye kitty funny

I use to wonder what it would be like to read minds

women lied to about 8 inches someecards

deja poo the same crap

rotary phone funny

frying nemo disney funny

can you really be so stupid someecards

I ordered because I was hungry

wicked computer background

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