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Hump day funnies – Your midweek delivery of smiles

Hump day funnies – In a completely unrelated topic, did you know that studies have determined that Wednesday was the day of the week when bosses are the most willing to look into and consider any requests brought to their attention by their employees? So if ever you’ve had a specific plead going through your mind for a while now, today could turn out to be the perfect occasion to do so, just saying..
In other news, time for us to submit to your appreciation our latest selection of funny pics, here goes.

Wishing you a delightful PMSLweb moment!

Bitches be like new socks meme – Hump day funnies at

Let’s play a game toilet humor at

Call your loved one to tell them they’ll die Facebook fail at

Your girlfriend and her crew meme at

If you want to feel old meme at

Funny never name your kid Clint – Hump day funnies at

I know what you ate last summer meme at

Nokia brass knuckle at

No double dipping please meme at

Funny two golden rules to a happy marriage at

Posting sad lyrics as a Facebook status ecard – Hump day funnies at

I think someone just got abducted meme at

Knocking something down in the store meme at

Cardio picking up an ice cube humor at

WTF do you mean do I sparkle at

They still don’t know I’m a dog meme – Hump day funnies at

Synonym rolls fail at

Women use more words a day than men humor at

Strangled with her own thong  at

Beethoven hashtag meme at

People who have disappointed me book – Hump day funnies at

I’m personally offended that you are not online ecard at

Did I ask you to speak sarcastic sloth at

Stop playing dice with the squirrels sign at

We’re closed sarcastic sign at

Three horrible things in life humor – Hump day funnies at

Sun shading stupidity at

The opposite of Waldo meme at

Finding your bed in the dark meme at

My thighs cheering me on ecard at

We called them peasants meme – Hump day funnies at

Attention whore Facebook fail at

Grandma is born to be wild meme at

Praying mantis dating cartoon at

Sarcastic iPhone alarm at

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