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Hump day goodies – A midweek selection of funnies

Hump day goodies – As usual, Wednesday, aka the middle finger of the business week, is the perfect occasion for everyone to catch a breath. The time has come to fill up a tad your giggle-o-meter, and we’d be thrilled if you allowed us to contribute into setting the mood with our latest addition of funny pics, so don’t hesitate in checking out what we have in stock for you today.

Wishing you a kick-butt PMSLweb moment!

You have just wasted 10s of your life – Hump day goodies at

I hate when I just miss a call funny quote at

If Colombus can accidently find America sarcastic ecard at

Telling your twins apart meme at

Open sesame password incorrect cartoon at

Funny design fail on ebay at

The naughty truth behind veganism meme – Hump day goodies at

The truck pub invention at

Weekend phone plans sarcastic ecard at

I am going to retire and live off my savings at

Funny supermarket truth cartoon at

Before facebook sarcastic ecard at

Poker is like sex funny quote – Hump day goodies at

Funny music is a sensuous language at

So I became an a**hole humor at

Kid shocked by elephant’s penis humor at

The fascination never ends funny picture at

First woman on the moon joke at

Funny holy shit at

Funny mobile phone when I was a kid at

I’ve been watching so much porn lately meme at

Funny evolution of Mona Lisa at

Funny navy seals at

Laughter is the best medicine sarcastic quote – Hump day goodies at

Do you have tight nuts vintage advertising at

This man licks pub urinals at

Funny lips guide at

Funny Doritos advert at

Funny autumn dog turds – Hump day goodies at

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