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Hump day lolz – Midweek goodies in sight

Hump day lolz – While gently cruising through labor ocean , you are delighted when suddenly in your horizon you see appear Hump day island. After enduring two days of rough and wild storms, catching a breath and stretching your legs is more than tempting, so you decide to cast anchor and go for a stroll. Many goodies await you along the way, including a midweek collection of funny pics which can be found below.

Wishing you a pleasant and unwinding PMSLweb moment!

Funny cat gif – Hump day lolz at

Shadow humor at

Pink Ouija board at

This one isn’t about you either at

Call that a hairdo? – Hump day lolz at

Cat lint roller at

The closer you get the slower I drive at

F*ck you key at

Unproductivety sponsored by candy crush at

I told you so funny – Hump day lolz at

Feet imitation shoes at

Being cremated ecard at

The toilet’s jealous at

Disney Scar surrounded by idiots at

Wonder why the ocean is so salty at

Wineorexia – Hump day lolz at

I’m using headphones meme at

K9 officer funny at

Kim Jong-un versus chuck norris at

Friendzone level Hercules at

Usinf f*ck as a comma at

Bieber waits for a sign funny – Hump day lolz at

Head and shoulders funny at

Here’s an idea at

Tattoo’s you get what you pay for at

I have fans in denial at

Backseat driver’s license – Hump day lolz at

C is for coffee at

Do you wanna drink about it at

Zombie time square kiss at

Light dog biscuits humor at

Dog’s death in movie at

I couldn’t give a rat’s a** - Hump day lolz at

Irish flu shots at

Brace yourselves, bikini season is coming at

Going to the vet’s gif at

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