Hump day PMSL – Riding the camel with style

Hump day PMSL – Time for us to submit to your appreciation a new midweek collection of funnies. As Stephen King brilliantly pointed out: “You can’t deny laughter, when it comes, it plops down in your favorite chair and stays as long as it wants”. Make that a spinning chair and the price is right!

Wishing you a striking PMSLweb moment!

Anyone can break-dance – Hump day PMSL at

Ringtone goes off at Funeral meme at

Justin Bigger meme at

Calling Bieber gay is an insult to Freddie Mercury at

The twat whisperer ecard  - Hump day PMSL at

I farted T-shirt at

Black Sabbath cat at

Stag wood undies at

Bono still has not found what he’s looking for at

Time to get drunk on salad – Hump day PMSL at

Truths on cat behavior at

Why mommy poisoned you fake cover at

Dressed like my pillow at

Jesus loves you means something different in Mexico at

 Bull-Shitsu – Hump day PMSL at

Entrance only sign fail at

Popcorn brain bucket at

Maybe if we wait a little longer ecard at

Taylor Swift google humor at

Cat reading in the kitty litter – Hump day PMSL at

Where socks go at

Pornhub archive of nothing humor at

Family are like underpants at

Definitive ranking of poop – Hump day PMSL at

Manboobs funny Omegle chat at

Just eat it burger shoe at

Always love a woman for her personality humor at

Funny sing in the shower spider meme at

Sometimes I look at people ecard at

Eat here get gas and worms at

Funny hobbit baby – Hump day PMSL at

Wonder sauna hot pants at

Lego funeral director at

Alcohol the liquid version of photoshop at

Bus trolling at

I’m a consultant funny cartoon – Hump day PMSL at

The morning the kookaburra didn’t sing at

Funny version of candle in the wind at

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