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I like you Facebook – Funny pictures dedicated to FB

I like you Facebook – While Urban Legends have proclaimed that a few recluse indigenous tribes still fail to aknowledge the existance of Facebook – yes while indeed it seems hard to believe, we need to stay open-minded and grant these statements with the benefit of the doubt -the rest of us cannot deny that the social network has become a safe asset that is omnipresent in our every day lives; and with 1.15 billion users listed this month (September 2013), no wonder that asking for someone’s phone number is now perceived as being has-been.
FB‘s popularity and benefits put asside, the netwok has turned out to be a tremendous mixing of genres and cultures & as a result has become an amazing source of entertainment. Not quite sure of what we are talking about here? Please check-out the following….

Wishing you a thumbing up PMSLweb moment!

Welcome to facebook funny
Funny facebook I don’t change my status to Orphan
Facebook funny what’s on your mind ecard
looks like you confused facebook with your diary again ecard
Facebookanol funny pills
Facebook weather forecast
The seven dwarfs of facebook funny
Facebook funny framed picture of your ceiling fan
Facebook funny I promise I won’t tag you
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Facebook a great place to spread gossip
I don’t get it facebook meds
Funny facebook in numbers zuckerberg
16 types of people on facebook
Tag your friends on Facebook
facebook funny that post gave me cancer
facebook funny cartoon it’s complicated
facebook funny like this glass
facebook funny cartoon happy birthday
facebook funny facepalm
something happened today don’t ask –then don’t tell us –funny –facebook
Bigfoot searches for good facebook profile picture funny
the next logical step in our relationship is speaking
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you left your facebook open funny
40 more likes and I can save this little girls like funny facebook
Facebook April fools prank
I wasted too much time on facebook today
funny facebook status spelling
Three likes and one comment only facebook funny
when I see people arguing on a facebook post funny
I’ve read it but am too lazy to comment facebook funny
Facebook funny status idiots
Be the first of your friends to like this post Facebook funny
It’s so cold outside that I ran as fast as I could facebook ecard
Fake facebook profile funny
Profile pic versus tagged pic facebook
Facebook meme funny likes
please facebook I’m trying to work
facebook relationship statuses funny
facebook gold account funny
facebook funny post never apologize
facebook funny which one will you open first
Have you ever looked at someone’s facebook status ecard
what your facebook event RSVP really means
Notification fail facebook funny
People you may know facebook funny meme
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so grateful for facebook ecard
facebook soap operas funny
Loch ness Monster facebook funny
I know you got my message facebook told me funny meme
No share facebook funny meme
Facebook funny post is that morgan freeman grilling burgers
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