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Jocular daily pics and memes – New month same nonsense

Jocular daily pics and memes – February is already here, and if by now you sadly still did not find the time/occasion to wish your inner circle a Happy New Year, tough luck as it’s now officially too late to do so. Go ahead, smile or grin all you want, but given how time seems to fly these days, we wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of you did actually have an “Oh snap!” moment while reading these lines… Anyway, without further ado why not take a few and check out today’s selection of Internet balderdash? Chuckles are on the house after all…

Wishing you a delightful PMSLweb moment!

Your opinion funny sarcastic recycle bin - Jocular daily pics & memes

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Faking it, the book we all need funny meme

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FAP marathon funny news headline

Kenyan version of Trump funny meme

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WTF you looking at cat meme

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Life of a married shark funny cartoon

I can read this girl from here funny meme

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When you finish a bag of doritos funny meme

Ring hidden in a cupcake funny comment

The woman on the right is a sleep expert funny meme

Funny map of the Rudest town names in Europe

What I see when my kids ask me for help with their math homework funny meme

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When people assume they are hated funny tweet

Every time you smoke a cigarette funny Keith Richards meme

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Stupid people on the Internet video game car engine edition humor

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Dance, love, and fart funny quote

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