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Jocular Friday memes – Our funny daily picture dump

Jocular Friday memes – Would you believe it, Friday is already/finally here (you get to choose), and for many (not all though, we do acknowledge that) the time has come to let go of any overwhelming stress that has stocked up during the week. May the next two days be synonyms of weekend or not, no doubt that in all cases you’ve earned yourself a few quality chuckles over the past few days, so feel free to check out the latest amusing pics and memes that we have selected for you!

Wishing you a glorious weekend ahead and a side-splitting PMSLweb moment!

When she deletes all the pictures of her and her boyfriend funny meme - Jocular Friday memes

Drinking during graduation funny gif

Either you speak your mind or STFU funny sarcastic meme

When you just got attacked by a bear but need your smoothie funny meme

Funny Liam Neeson on United Airlines movie poster

Love at first sight funny meme - Jocular Friday memes

When you hate someone everything they do pisses you off funny tweet

Funny PolandBall French elections cartoon

Big brother is always watching funny cat meme

Funny Friday dancing chicken gif

Mr Dick Head is real funny meme - Jocular Friday memes

The last time someone noticed me funny meme

When you were out until 4am and have a 9am meeting funny meme

This guy was 20 years old when he entered the shop with his wife funny meme

I want somebody I can trust as much as this chair funny meme

I like offending people sarcastic meme - Jocular Friday memes

United Airlines fight club funny meme

Star Trek Enterprise is overbooked funny meme

United Airlines my ex is on this flight do your thing funny tweet

Funny disabled veterans United Airlines tweet

When someone takes a post too seriously sarcastic humor

When you buy a vibrator online and the cable is too short funny meme

Bae come over I can't I'm blind funny meme - Jocular Friday memes

Clean your room we are having people over funny meme

You are not a hardcore gamer until you are able to win this funny meme

Husband explaining obesity chart to cat funny meme

I hate when people use their zodiac signs to justify actions sarcastic humor

Why does our president tweet like regina george funny tweet

Click your heels 3 times and go fuck yourself sarcastic meme

Why do wives like to make love with the lights off joke - Jocular Friday memes

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