Jocular Internet Nonsense – Funny Friday pics

Jocular Internet Nonsense – Congratulations on making it to what is probably the most awaited moment of the week. The time has come to put any negative vibes (and nuisances) behind you and dedicate the next following 48h to your well-being… and needless to say take your inner demons on a spin! Not sure where to start? Well if Internet procrastination is the name of the game right now, our latest edition of rollicking Friday memes awaits you, so let’s get scrolling!

Wishing you a fantastic weekend ahead and an uprising PMSLweb moment!

This dude's belly is smirking at this keg funny meme - Jocular Internet nonsense

Me and your dad are together now funny dog meme

Girls dealing with breakups versus guys funny meme

Funny Eminem and WebMd tweet

Who still wears cargo shorts funny graph

Who was the genius who thought that darts would be a great game to play in bars funny meme

When she says take the condom off funny meme - Jocular Internet nonsense

How do I communicate with blind people funny Reddit fail

I'm disappointed that the llama on the right isn't riniging a little bell funny tweet

This is what the Internet should be funny meme

I will not be impressed by technology until I can download actual wine funny quote

Sending proof that you are drowning in pussy funny adult meme

My thoughts and prayers are with you funny cartoon - Jocular Internet nonsense

Prank for neighbors who went to see IT funny meme

I think you mean ADHD funny social media fail

There are sounds people just love to hear sarcastic meme

Dogs versus cats when you drink funny meme - Jocular Internet nonsense

Funny sarcastic cat rant

When you find someone wo is just as dead inside as you are funny meme

Pillow behind bed frame funny meme

When there's a group project but you do all the work funny meme

Female traffic light signals funny sexist tweet - Jocular Internet nonsense

I hate when old people say you're too young to be tired funny tweet

When you shave your junk but she cancels funny adult meme

I'm jealous of all the people that haven't met you sarcastic meme

I'm not saying that this is what's wrong with the US funny meme

Pennywise you can say the N word down here funny meme

Before buying the iPhone X vs after funny meme - Jocular Internet nonsense

Incoming iPhoneX call funny meme

How to tell people to fuck off funny meme

Human solidarity when someone breaks a bottle at the store funny sarcastic meme

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