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Jokey Hump day – When laughter is the name of the game

Jokey Hump day – Welcome to yet another installment of “it’s time for your Wednesday funnies”. The midweek is the perfect occasion to treat your funny bone to a refined polish, so we hope that today’s collection of funny pics will help bring out that extra dazzle you are aiming for.

Wishing you a jocular PMSLweb moment!

Guess what day it is meme – Jokey Hump day at

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Funny double bottom buns hamburger – Jokey Hump day at

When a cashier is giving me change humor at

Chocking on a hotdog is natural selection sign at

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It’s my life Jon Bon Jovi tattoo fail – Jokey Hump day at

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Alcohol and money change everything humor at

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Teenage cyclist hit by car fail  - Jokey Hump day at

Doctor and engineer joke at

A girl who likes metal, is skinny and mentally stable humor at

When you ask for nudes humor at

Told a girl she’s more attractive without glasses humor at

Funny how’s life going at

Funny dear reddit today I f*cked up – Jokey Hump day at

What was this statue known for humor at

Shit on my head funny barber at

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Time to reach 50 million users humor at

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TV entertainment has come so far humor at

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Handicat people humor at

Why aren’t we funding this hairy arm fail at

Match computer problems to their solutions humor at

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